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Professional dancer and choreographer

Amaliah began learning and dancing Argentine Tango in 2002 where she studied with Rio Rhythmics in Brisbane. In 2004 she traveled to Buenos Aries to expand her Tango experience. She began teaching in 2007 on the Gold Coast and the following year in Noosa. Currently is teaching in Coolum Beach since February 2013.


 Trained at the Australian Ballet School as a Classical Ballet Dancer and Modern Dancer, Amaliah danced with the New Zealand Ballet Company, Ballet Victoria and Australian Dance Theater.

She continued her dance career as a freelance lecturer in both Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance as well as starting to choreograph.  She received the first Australia Council Arts choreographic development grant for a year’s work, which enabled her to work with Dance and Theater companies within Australia, where she built a reputation as a movement director and choreographer.

In 1985 she relocated to Brisbane to be Rehearsal Director for the Queensland Ballet Company under director Harold Collins and contemporary dance teacher for Queensland School of Excellence in Dance. Training, choreographing and rehearsing dancers was a passion of hers for twenty years.

In 2002 and during a time where she stopped participating in her chosen career to look after her aged Father, Amaliah found Tango.


“As a choreographer and teacher I was always directing other dancers and it was wonderful to return to the dance for myself and dance again with joy and be present once again within my body. I was able to physically engage with Tango without needing to be at a high level of fitness normally required by my art-form.
Tango mystified me for several years. With all the dance training I had undergone, I couldn’t initially grab hold of the form and language that was Tango. I traveled to Buenos Aries in Argentina and learned from various teachers and enjoyed the culture & music of Tango. I found that all of these teachers concentrated on”the walk” as the basis for Argentine Tango. It was essential to have a strong torso which is able to maintain strength independently from the lower body as you do the tango walk. Change directions in space effortlessly with a strong central core body alignment is one of the keys to a good tango dancer.
Tango had captured me and I have been learning, dancing and now teaching it over the past six years. I love the connection of it and aim to pass on my “Passion for Tango” to those who learn and journey with me. To connect to Tango, you must be present with your partner and the dance, so it is great relaxation from normal life.” 

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