When you catch the Tango bug you are in for the long haul. Argentine Tango is a subtle but effective dance that assists your physical fitness. It gently increases core strength and improves your body mind awareness and posture.

Students of 2013

Students of 2013

Argentine Tango has been scientifically tested with electrodes attached to couples dancing and the outcome suggests that Tango is the primary dance form which utilizes whole brain function.  Quickly alternating between the receptive brain (feminine) – right hemisphere and the active brain (masculine) – the left hemisphere.  It increases the use of your sensing abilities and is a wonderful social interaction for couples and singles alike. Added to that when you get some of the technique of tango into action, it becomes lots of fun to express the varied music of Tango through the ages.

HEALTH BENEFITS of Argentine Tango

  • Improved coordination and core strength

  • Improved Postural alignment

  • Refines the walk, creating back stability

  • Creates whole brain function and cross brain linking

  • Improves spacial awareness and sensitivity


FOUNDATION ONE – 8 week block

Starts Thursday 13th February 2020.

6.45 pm to 7.45 pm



Registration and full payment is required prior to the starting date.


Argentine Tango Course

Amaliah provides beginners courses only once or twice a year and is currently held in Coolum Beach or Peregian Springs.

Intermediate classes continue for those students who wish to continue their Argentine Tango experience.

*Foundation One and Two are a prerequisite to join the intermediate group class.

Private lessons are available on request held in Peregian Springs.

*This is an ideal way for busy couples to spend quality time each week learning together.

Single $55 Couple $70

Wedding dance packages also available.

Come and enjoy a unique experience and learn the fundamentals that makeup dancing Argentine Tango. You don’t need to have a partner.  Argentine Tango rotates lead and follow within the class environment and gives everyone the chance to work with a partner equally.

Lessons include Tango’s unique walk, lead & follow and connection to your partner with musicality and a passion for the dance from Professional Dance Instructor.


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